Thursday, April 11, 2013



The pirates had been walking for days. They had only a little water and not much bread left. They were tired and hungry… and they were angry at their captain.

“Why are you leading us across these grasslands?!” they asked angrily, “Where is the treasure you promised us?”

“Be patient men!” called out their brave leader, “You have already fought wild reptiles, furry mammals and large amphibians! I am sure if we walk for a little further we will discover the famous knight’s tomb – full of gemstones and gold coins!”

The pirates grumbled and cursed but they trusted their captain and so they didn’t disobey. After some time they began to climb a steep mountain and saw the tomb – but there also they could see a magic giant with two heads guarding the doors.

“What now captain?!” they yelled, “That giant has a huge knife that it wants to cut us with!”

“Attack my friends!” replied the captain, “We will take this giant into captivity and sell him to the zoo back home… attack!”

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