Friday, April 12, 2013


crocodile A crocodile is a large reptile with strong jaws that lives in warm areas of the planet. They have webbed feet that help them to swim very quickly.  Crocodiles attack animals by biting them and pulling them underwater.
koala A koala is a special kind of mammal called a marsupial. This means it carries its babies in a pouch on its stomach. Another famous kind of marsupial is a kangaroo. Many people think a koala is a kind of bear, but actually it is not. Koalas are good at climbing tree branches.
salamander A salamander is a brightly colored amphibian that looks like a lizard. Sometimes, when a salamander is attacked by another animal, it can drop its tail to distract the attacker! The tail will wiggle and move around and while the attacking animal is looking at the tail, or trying to eat it, the salamander will run away!
tuatara A tuatara is a small reptile, which looks like a lizard, but is actually the only example of a dinosaur still alive on our planet. Tuataras live on the land and move around only at night. One tuatara, named Henry, lives in a museum in Invercargill, New Zealand and he is 112 years old!

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