Thursday, April 11, 2013

Missing Chocolate

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Once upon a time there was a family of beetles living in a field. They worked hard every summer so that they wouldn’t be hungry in the winter. Another family lived in the same field. They were a family of ants. The ants and the beetles were good friends and sometimes they even shared their grain.

One day, a beetle boy named Tommy was looking around for his chocolate. He couldn’t find it anywhere – it had disappeared! He went to ask his mother, “I can’t find my chocolate anywhere, do you know where it is?”

“That’s strange,” said his mother, “I don’t know any beetles who would take another beetle’s chocolate.”

“But the only other family in the field is the ant family. That means those dishonest ants must have taken it!” Tommy sobbed.

News of the missing chocolate spread throughout the beetle family and they became very angry about it. Soon they didn’t share their grain with the ant family and they even sometimes had fights with them. The two families were never friendly to each other ever again and they always distrusted each other.

It wasn’t until later that Tommy remembered he had eaten his chocolate himself. He didn’t tell anyone.

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