Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Brave Knight


Once upon a time there was a knight in a castle who wanted to go for a walk in a forest. In those days it was dangerous to go anywhere in the forest because there were many robbers who would attack people and steal their money. So the knight needed to get ready carefully.

First, he fastened a sword to his belt. Then he went to the kitchen to get some cheese. Getting cheese wouldn’t make him safer from robbers but it did make him less hungry! Finally, the knight put a whistle in his pocket so if he was attacked he could blow it and call for help.

As the knight walked calmly into the forest he listened carefully to hear if anyone was following him. He held his sword in his palm. At first he thought it was a windy day so he wasn’t frightened when he heard the strange howling. Then he realized that the wolves were coming. Wolves were a lot worse than robbers!

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