Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Brave Knight


Once upon a time there was a knight in a castle who wanted to go for a walk in a forest. In those days it was dangerous to go anywhere in the forest because there were many robbers who would attack people and steal their money. So the knight needed to get ready carefully.

First, he fastened a sword to his belt. Then he went to the kitchen to get some cheese. Getting cheese wouldn’t make him safer from robbers but it did make him less hungry! Finally, the knight put a whistle in his pocket so if he was attacked he could blow it and call for help.

As the knight walked calmly into the forest he listened carefully to hear if anyone was following him. He held his sword in his palm. At first he thought it was a windy day so he wasn’t frightened when he heard the strange howling. Then he realized that the wolves were coming. Wolves were a lot worse than robbers!



A tornado is a powerful, spinning column of air which touches both the surface of the earth and the clouds above. Tornadoes come in many sizes but usually look like a funnel, whose narrow end touches the earth and the wider end touches the clouds above.

A tornado is so powerful that it can pick things up and throw them through the air. They can cause a lot of damage and destruction to farms, towns and roads. They can easily smash things and kill people.

If a tornado is coming the best place to hide is in the cellar. Although you would need to listen to the strange howling, shrieking and wailing of the wind you would be quite safe there. The best thing to do is to try to stay calm and make yourself comfortable as you wait for the tornado to pass.

My Baby Brother


My baby brother is always making trouble! He shrieks and wails a lot – it’s such a strange noise to have to listen to!

One time, he climbed out of the cradle in his bedroom and walked to the kitchen. He tried to open the knife drawer but he wasn’t tall enough. He opened the fridge to look inside. He had smashed 3 eggs before anyone saw him and stopped him. That was me and lucky for the family that I did!

He had egg yolks all over his hands and he was using his palms to wipe the mess all over the front of the fridge. Can you believe that when Mum saw us she blamed me? She said I should have rocked his cradle until he fell asleep. That’s not fair, is it?

The Old Castle

The old castle had been built in about 1500 A.D. by the seaside. It was a little worn and tired looking but it was still comfortable on the inside and the Franklin Family were happy to call it home.

The Franklins had bought the castle about 20 years earlier and they had spent enough money to make the rooms brighter and cleaner. It was a large castle that sometimes made strange noises at night. It could take 5 minutes to walk from one side of the castle to the other.

Often, the Franklin children would play “Catch” throughout the many rooms and hallways. Their happy shrieks would fill the old castle with the sounds of young life.

Haunted House


Greg’s car had broken down on a countryside road. A hurricane was coming and it was cold and wet. He needed help and the only house he could see on the road was a large, dark and strange looking building. He walked slowly up to the front door.

Suddenly he heard a scream from inside. Maybe somebody needed HIS help! Greg was really frightened but he knocked on the door anyway. The door opened slowly. The wind sounded like low wailing. There was nobody at the door so Greg stepped into the dark hall. The wind whistled through the old house.

That’s when Greg heard another shriek… from right behind him!

Kids in a Hurricane


The children were frightened. The hurricane had been blowing outside for 2 hours and the strange noises had become scarier and scarier. Gretchen rocked little baby Frank in her arms. Gretchen was only 9 years old but she was trying to be brave so that Frank wouldn’t become too worried.

The children listened as the wind whistled, shrieked and howled. They heard a smash as a tree fell through their bedroom window upstairs. Although they were safe in the cellar it was still quite scary imagining all of the damage and destruction outside. Gretchen hoped her parents were safe. Earlier, they had been driving back from the supermarket when the powerful hurricane started.

Gretchen knew they should be home soon.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

S.T.A.R. Police

Cedric was a brave police pilot whose job it was to catch people who broke the law. But Cedric wasn’t an ordinary police officer – he was a S.T.A.R. policeman (Special Tactical Astronaut Ranger). It was the 24th century and STAR police officers flew spaceships around the Solar System to protect people from Prince Blacklung’s space pirates.

Cedric sat in his cockpit as his ship circled Saturn gracefully. He drank a little juice from a cylinder as he watched the centre of his computer screen. His robot engineers were repairing the ship’s engine and he was watching out for space pirates. About 10 minutes earlier Prince Blacklung’s space pirates had sliced his engines with their lasers. Cedric was in trouble and he knew it!

Prince Blacklung and his pirates were the opposite of nice. If he and his pirates found Cedric they would celebrate by destroying his ship.